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  • Artist : Astone and Friends
  • Category: cards
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Sold out

>If you could do anything with playing cards, you’d probably use it for cheating. That’s what people think and we think you should be able to demonstrate such abilities. This booklet is a compilation of tricks and variations by Astone and friends that will allow you to display incredible skills in relation with card cheating.
Those routines have been kept underground for years and used to fool knowledgable magicians and unsuspecting audience so we hope you’ll get as much fun as we did when you’ll perform them.

  • Fking stacking : A spectator helps you to loose a four of a kind in the deck and then in ONE shuffle you stack this four of a kind for a given player in a game with a given number of players. Can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck.
  • The Erdnase stack : A spectator is given the power to cheat at poker. First the spectator cuts the deck and learns how to deal cards from top and bottom by following your example. The spectator then shuffles the deck and deals himself the winning hand. The demonstration continue with the spectator dealing cards a second time so an accomplice wins and finally reveal that the spectator managed to deal himself an even better hand. Your spectator will have no clue how he did it even if he is the only one touching the deck ! Relax and enjoy the magic with the rest of the audience. 
  • Not just another gambling demo : Demonstrate how a cheater cheats by showing your audience different skills : controlling the aces, bottom deal, deal the aces lost by the audience without you seeing and finish the demonstration by dealing yourself a bridge « grand slam ». For those who like the sound of it we have a nice surprise in store for you, let’s just say that it’s even better than it reads.
  • Flash memory : The spectator keeps shuffling the deck and you keep memorizing it at lightning speed. Each time you memorize the deck you do something more incredible than before. This four phase routines uses 4 different techniques that you’ll have fun playing with. Oh, did I mention it can be done from a shuffled deck in use?
  • Lucky number 7 : The cheat displays an ordered deck of cards : ace to king of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. Spectator picks a seat in a seven player game of poker. The cheats shuffle and deal the hands : the spectator gets a full house, he gets a four of a kind. The cheat discards four of his cards, the spectator cuts the reminder of the deck, burn a few cards and gives the next 4 to the cheat : he gets a straight flush.
  • Universal mind dealer : Mind reading meets card cheating. Imagine asking a spectator to think of a number of players from 3 to 7 and that you will stack the 4 aces (that you’ve just shown) for the dealer in a game with this number of players. You cleanly put the deck down so you cannot change the order of the cards and ask them their number. You then have them cut the deck and you deal the aces as promised. From a shuffled deck in use, no bottom dealing !
  • One shuffle dice controlled texas holdem : You show 4 kings and loose them in the deck with a shuffle, you then ask for a number of players and the position of the winner. You then shuffle ONCE and deal the cards as you would in a normal Texas holdem game (no fake deals). You reveal that you managed to deal yourself the 4 kings as promised AND you managed to deal two sucker hands (2 of the other players will have a full house). This impromptu demonstration will fry your audience.

Language : English
56 pages
75 copies limited edition

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