TripTricks (Download) by   Yoann

  • Artist : Yoann
  • Category: cards
  • Type: download
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>Triptricks is a collection of two cards tricks and a card flourish from the mind of Yoann

Invisible Palma : This is Yoann's take on the Invisible palm routine. This impromptu handling of the classic plot uses 4 cards and … nothing else ! It's probably the most perfect impromptu Invisible Palm routine ever devised

Close House : A card is selected, the deck is split in half, 2 jokers on top of one packet, the selection in the other. Now imagine the two jokers visibly jumping from one to the other and visually catch the selection… this is Close House ! Straightforward visual magic at its best.

THEQC : This is the first flourish created by Yoann. You don't have to be an expert XCM artist to perform this one. Everything flows from the beginning to the end.

Runtime : 14 minutes
Language : English
File size : 225Mo

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