DISK (DVD+Gimmick) - SOLDOUT by   Father Alex

  • Artist : Father Alex
  • Category: other
  • Type: dvd
Sold out

>Here is the 2nd Edition of DISK : The real Street Monte by Father Alex. After a long waiting, DISK is finally back in stock but only 50 copies are produced. So be quick to have a chance to put your hand on this jewel.

Description : This DVD teaches you all you need to know about handling the pucks, from the basics to the expert moves. This routine will let you add to incorporate a fresh and original moment in your close-up act by introducing your audience to this particular kind of street monte. In addition to the multiple techniques included in the DVD, Alex reveals his full audience-tested routine with a kicker ending.

Content : 

  • 12 techniques including 5 unpublished ones
  • A full routine with a strong finale 
  • An interview of Alex and a sneak peek of crafting process 
  • 3 pucks in their customized so you can bring them everywhere! 

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