Coma (Download) by   Yoann

  • Artist : Yoann
  • Category: cards
  • Type: download
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>Imagine being able to change a sandwiched card, now imagine doing it visually and without making any move. Yoann has worked on it for years, trying to find the perfect method and... He has! The few people with whom he has shared this secret have loved it, you can now be one of them. Grab a deck of cards and enjoy "coma" and the seven exclusive tricks in magicalsleight's download.

When Yoann first showed me his sandwich change, it looks effortless and you can't get any more visual than this. Pure sleight of hands at its finest......Patrick Kun"


  • Coma - basic handling
  • Sandwich v1
  • Sandwich v2
  • Sandwich v3
  • Transcolor
  • Woiler
  • J4cks
  • Twizz

Runtime : 35 minutes

Language : English
File size : 480Mo

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