PLOP 2/8 : The Collector (Download) by   Yoann ans Astone

  • Artist : Yoann ans Astone
  • Category: cards
  • Type: download
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>This second PLOP release will focus on the famous collector plot.

Yoann and Astone will share with you 4 new handlings of this classic plot that have been refined and modernized.

Those tricks/methods/moves have been kept underground for years and we've decided that it was time to share them with the magic community.

Content : 

  • Picasso : Yoann's visual handling of the collector plot 4 aces disappear one by one in a flowing sequence and reappear in a flash with 3 selections trapped between them
  • Pedros : Astone's fooling sequence to loose and interweave the selection between the aces.
  • Rodin : Yoann's 'commercial' version of the plot that can be performed in any situation and is guaranted to fool your audience
  • Miguel : Astone's semi-automatic handling of the plot, this time only two selections only are used and fairly lost in the pack by the spectator. Two pairs of aces are thrown into the deck, the deck is fairly shuffled and the 2 selections are trapped.

Runtime : 28minutes
Language : English
Level ; intermediate
File size : 500Mo

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