PLOP 1/8 : The Triumph (Download) by   Astone and Yoann

  • Artist : Astone and Yoann
  • Category: cards
  • Type: download
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>What is PLOP - Push the Limits Of Perception ?

Plop will be a series of 8 downloads, each of them focusing on one theme. In each release you will have one trick by Yoann, one by Astone and a bonus.Those tricks/methods/moves have been kept underground for years and we've decided that it was time to share them with the magic community.

So every 3 months for the next 2 years you'll be able to explore one theme through the creations of two magicians, each having is own style.

The first release is on the Triumph plot.

Runtime : 18minutes
Language : English
Level ; intermediate
File size : 250Mo

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