MS Magic Night (DVD / Download) by   MS team and guests

  • Artist : MS team and guests
  • Category: cards,coin
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>For the first time ever MagicalSleight hosted a convention in January 2014. The MS Night was a success and, instead of the classic lecture notes, we decided to release a DVD. In this you will find 10 tricks by 10 of the magicians who performed/lectured during the convention.

Don't worry, even if the shooting took place during this amazing one night convention, we filmed it in a studio!

Here is a listing of the tricks in the DVD :

  • John Guastaferro : A sandwich routine designed for two spectators with an ending that you will likely use forever after.
  • Yoann : A multi-phased, visual 2 cards transposition routine with brand new moves.
  • Alexandre Wilmes : For the first time ever, Alexandre W has decided to share one of his pet secret-moves along with a great application.
  • Astone : A spellbound routine with some unpublished moves ranging from easy to hardcore, a tribute to the deep back clip.
  • Bizau :An amazing color change from the mind of Bizau 
  • Eric Richardson : Eric's take on the ACAAN plot using a joker. This is full of subtleties and will put your memorized deck to good use.
  • Father Alex : For the first time on video, Father Alex teaches his open prediction routine that uses one of his fantastic mucks. 
  • Noel Heath : A flourishy sandwich with an incredible new way to handle a double lift.
  • Pierre-Marie : 3 black cards, 3 red cards and 2 hands for a really clean handling of the Oil and Water plot that will baffle your audience. 
  • Arthur : Who would have thought that a 4 coins production could be this clever?

Language : English
Runtime : 60min
Format : DVD

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