MS Season 3 (Download) by   MS team and guests

  • Artist : MS team and guests
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>MS season 3 is the compilation of 7 individual downloads released by MS during its 3rd season :

  • Hellerdnase by Astone : His take on the Erdnase change, this one will allow you to get some distance between the deck and the card that changes and the variations provided will allow you to do multiple cardchanges, end with a single card or even completely get rid of the deck and still perform the change.
  • NoName by Arthur C (also known as Ticho) : you will learn incredible timing, extraordinary subtleties and two secret sleights which have never been published before and which will allow you to magically produce, vanish and reproduce 3 coins
  • Crazy Little Flourish by Marc Decoux : This underground card production was first published in a really private set of lecture notes sold directly by Marc in 1993 ( you'll soon understand how ahead of his time he was back then)
  • Violin by Daniel Chard :  1 trick and 3 moves (2 variants on the 4for4 switch and an amazing color change) that you'll be able to use in many tricks from your repertoire. As a bonus Daniel also shares with you one of his pet tricks that we know you'll love.

Runtime : 120min
File size : 1.09Go
Language : English

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