Put Your Hands Up (eBook) by   Yoann

  • Artist : Yoann
  • Category: cards
  • Type: book
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>We've received quite a lot of emails asking us to reprint Put Your Hands Up (PYHU) so more of you could have it in their magic library.
PYHU is Yoann's first booklet and has been praised by the critics but we wanted to keep it a limited and numbered edition so we found a way to make everybody happy.

For the first time ever, we introduce you to : PYHU Digital edition.

Content :

  • Self Switch : This technique allows you to switch the top card of the deck for the one below it. You can also use it as a control.
  • Self Double : A double lift using the Self Switch.
  • One Hand Bottom DL : Read the above title.
  • Revolve Switch : Four for Four switch (that a lot of fours)
  • TTB : Color change / Control
  • Bruxelles 2.0 : Two chosen cards are lost in the deck. The first selection appears face up in the middle of the face down deck, then it changes visually into the second one.
  • Spicy Sandwich : Two Jacks are taken from the deck, and a spectator selects a card. The performer takes both Jacks and makes them turn magically face down, but only for a couple seconds before they instantly morph back to being face up. Suddenly the Jacks trap the spectators selection between them. The selection is removed and held in the right hand, but suddenly vanishes and jumps back visually between the two Jacks.
  • Follow The White Rabbit : The four aces morph into a spectators selection, but only for a short time.
  • 123 321 : The performer plays with the pips of the Ace, Two and Three of Clubs and asks the spectator to choose two cards. They are lost in the deck but then collected between the Three, Two and Ace of Clubs.
  • XxX Transposition : Transposition effect between two selections.
  • Spinning Triumph : A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The performer shuffles the deck face up into face down. With only one hand, he puts the deck back in order, except the selection which is the only face down card in the middle of the face up deck.
  • Nitro Ace : A Four explodes into the four Aces.
Pages : 40
Language : English

A video media with all videos demonstrations is included with this booket.
Written and Edited by Yoann - Corrected and Formulated by Chris Mayew

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