Smashing the odds (Book) - SOLDOUT

If you could do anything with playing cards, you’d probably use it for cheating.

TripTricks (Download)

Triptricks is a collection of two cards tricks and a card flourish from the mind of Yoann


Here is the 2nd Edition of DISK

Modern Intricacies 2 (DVD / Download)

A collection of 12 new card tricks and some bonuses from the mind of Yoann

Coma (Download)

Imagine being able to change a sandwiched card, now imagine doing it visually and without making any move.

Aesthetic (DVD / Download)

A collection of 10 visual card ticks and 10 outstanding flourishes from the mind of James Miller

PLOP 2/8 : The Collector (Download)

This second PLOP release will focus on the famous collector plot

PLOP 1/8 : The Triumph (Download)

Astone and Yoann unique take on the Triumph plot

MS Magic Night (DVD / Download)

This is a compilation of tricks filmed during the MS Magic Night 2014

MS Season 3 (Download)

MS season 3 is the compilation of 6 individual downloads released by MS during its 3rd season.

Wavelength (DVD / Download)

Manu Jo places "Waving the Aces" to an other level.

MS Season 1 (Download)

MS Season 1 is now available in download !

Frame (DVD+Gimmick)

Effects where cards change can be interesting, but in "Frame" a drawing (or writing) on a card is caused to change

Toolbiz (Download)

People who know Biz know that he is, before anything, a creator

Put Your Hands Up (eBook)

This is the first booklet published by Yoann in 2011. Now available in eBook format.

MS Season 2 (DVD / Download)

A collection of sleights and tricks published during MS Season two (2012)

Modern Intricacies (DVD / Download)

Unpublished routines. Fast-paced, refreshing tricks.
High visual impact