Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your questions

Q : What kind of payment methods do you accept ?
A : For now, I only accept Paypal method

Q : Tell me more about your download procedure ?
A : Simply checkout with ejunkie and after the payment process you will receive a link to download the file

Q :How many times can I download the file ?
A : You can download your file only five times.

Q : About the MSDownload Explanation ?
A : My teaching method will be quite special. For each trick you have two folders. The first one is the "Tricks" repertory. It contain performance's video and tutorial's video of the trick. This tutorial is shot in a "over the shoulder style" with quick writting explanation. But you will be able to understand all the trick, I promise you. In the second repertory called "MoveBox" you will find some quick tutorials of each move that you need to achieve the trick. For example, if you need to do a Pass, you will find a quick explanation of this move in the "MoveBox's" repertory.